Our Philosophy is about you We believe in the value of relationships. We see every person's needs across the bridge, like no one has before. Every need is treated like a partnership. We build a bridge between the accounting and financial world for working people to be able to come across and succeed at the personal and business level. We want to change things forever. Knowledge is power and we want to share it.

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Small Business

Bookkeeping, accounting, record keeping, call it what you will, is an inherited necessary evil that we all must face when trying to run any business. Being self-employed, a “sole proprietor” as Revenue Canada calls you, does not mean that your business is any less important then a corporation.  You must still keep accurate records and provide proper receipts if the CRA ever requests them.  It is critical to know your costs and determine if all your hard work is paying off.

Business Startup Bridge Plans

Let us help you with all the questions you have before you start your business.  What expenses can I deduct? What government registrations are required?  Do I need to register for GST and how do I calculate it?
What information will the bank request before they provide me with any funding? Let us educate you and help you decide how to organize the paperwork for your great ideas.  The red tape should not cause you the stress, when you have so many other things to concentrate on.

Record Keeping Bridge Plans

Come across for a free “meet and greet” consultation. We need to know you and what type of business you are running.Some simplified methods may be used if you only have a few transactions a month, or perhaps we should think about using a computerized accounting software program.  Always remember that any time you plan to use a business expense as a tax deduction, you have to document the purchase and retain a receipt.
Train yourself to always ask for a receipt, no matter how small the purchase.  Of course there are always exceptions, let us educate you on what you can and can’t write off.

Computerized Accounting Software Programs

Let us help you set up and maintain your accounting records.  We are skilled with most accounting programs from excel spreadsheets to MYOB or QuickBooks. A properly set up chart of accounts can save you money and time when you need to file your tax returns. Don’t leave your accounting until April, May or June.
Use this information to help you increase your business.  Talk to your accountants during the year and not at the busiest time.  You will find the workload does not have to translate into chaos.

GST, RST, WSIB Bridge Plans

We can reconcile your bank statements, accounting and payroll and file your government and other agencies returns.  By filing on time, you can remain compliant and not be “red flagged” by the government.
Banks and other business institutions feel that compliance is a sign of good business and the penalties and interest saved are better in your pocket then someone else’s.

Payroll Bridge Plan

You need to know how to pay yourself and any partners you have.  Perhaps you have some staff to pay weekly or every second week.  We can help you with your payroll, process it for you or just complete the monthly remittances on time.
Revenue Canada believes that source deductions are very important, and lack of compliance can cause substantial penalties, interest or even audits.