Our Philosophy is about you We believe in the value of relationships. We see every person's needs across the bridge, like no one has before. Every need is treated like a partnership. We build a bridge between the accounting and financial world for working people to be able to come across and succeed at the personal and business level. We want to change things forever. Knowledge is power and we want to share it.

Laura Marconato CMA
855 Westney Road South,
Ajax, Ontario L1S 3M4
Tel: 905-427-0400
fax: 905-427-4941

Bookkeeping Help / Advice

We can help you organize your paper trails.  Provide a system that works for you.  By building a relationship with you, we can determine what your paper trail style is and how to best suit your needs.  With our help your bookkeeping can become routine. We can show you how to prepare and train yourself to keep good records.
Flexible Bridge plans for weekly, monthly or quarterly help, or whenever you have a question.

Bookkeeping at your Location

We can provide bookkeeping and data entry services at your place of business.  There is no need to remove your paperwork.  Our experienced, well-trained bookkeepers provide accurate and consistent data entry.
A senior staff member is always available for review and advice should you have extra questions.  We can also train you or a staff member to complete the process, with our knowledge and help you may only need to see us periodically.

Bookkeeping at our Location

Drop into our office and leave your paperwork with us.  This can save you the time of processing information yourself, with the benefit of using our accounting software.  Your paper work will be given back to you in an organized fashion and accurate monthly accounting will ensure a simplified year-end with little effort on your part.