Our Philosophy is about you We believe in the value of relationships. We see every person's needs across the bridge, like no one has before. Every need is treated like a partnership. We build a bridge between the accounting and financial world for working people to be able to come across and succeed at the personal and business level. We want to change things forever. Knowledge is power and we want to share it.

Laura Marconato CMA
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Ajax, Ontario L1S 3M4
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Out of time? We can summarize your receipts for you: 
Learn what to write off with our standard form, organize and calculate expenses.
Draft statements provided for you to review and discuss the benefits of bookkeeping throughout the year.
Save receipts, Save receipts, Save receipts!

Notice to File a Return

It is much easier than you think.  Come across and see.  We can help you organize your financial information and get those late returns filed.  The Ministry of Finance and Canada Revenue Agency are just looking for your information.  They are happy to deal with you as long as you respond to their requests.

CRA Auditors and Collectors

Canada Revenue Agency officers are looking for answers that we can help you provide.  The federal and provincial governments are in the process of combining returns.  They want to file as many outstanding returns as possible. Don’t avoid those audits, you have put them off long enough.

Monthy Bridge Plan

Your information is reviewed on a monthly basis.  This critical review saves time and money as our experience can let us catch any irregular transactions and help you process or adjust them properly. This review can be easily coordinated when you receive your monthly bank statement.

Quarterly Bridge Plan

The processing and/or reviewing of your records will help you adjust transactions or notice mistakes before they become a big problem that no one remembers.  This can eliminate the cost and save time of re-doing your data entry.  The proper allocation of items helps eliminate the confusion and actually provide useful cost information for you to review.
Once your records are accurate and up to date, the process of filing quarterly GST, RST and WSIB will save you money in interest charges or penalties.